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Nestled between Lake Superior and the boreal forest, Thunder Bay is a contemporary, urban and energetic city. Located west of Toronto and southeast of Winnipeg, our city offers modern amenities, rewarding employment opportunities, a low stress lifestyle and a low cost of living.

Explore our website to learn about the numerous employment and investment opportunities we have available for you. Discover the advantages of relocating to Thunder Bay to raise your family or further your education and training.

Discover the best of both worlds by planning a trip to explore our stunning natural vistas and indulge in our modern urban amenities.

We're sure you'll find that Thunder Bay is the perfect place for people that are looking to expand their horizons, their careers and themselves.


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Thunder Bay, Ontario. Where to Buy a House in Canada Right Now!

Thunder Bay video goes viral
Local cinematographer's aerial view of Thunder Bay has been seen more than 105,000 times on social media in less than two weeks.

Why Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
With 2,694 employees, the largest single employer in Thunder Bay is the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

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