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Take a few minutes to learn about Thunder Bay. Explore its thriving business sectors, its world-renowned health and research institutes and the growing career opportunities that await you in transportation, natural resources, energy, aerospace and the healthcare sectors.

As the hub of Ontario's Northwest, Thunder Bay has the best of all lifestyles on the shores of the Lake Superior! Join us for one of the virtual tour webinars and see why people have made the move to Go to Thunder Bay. For Life.

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This is Ontario's great Northwest…
through fresh eyes.

Nestled between Lake Superior and the boreal forest, Thunder Bay is a contemporary, urban and energetic city with modern amenities, rewarding employment opportunities, low stress lifestyle and a low cost of living.

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Why Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Jobline

There are lots of jobs in Thunder Bay – check the job postings!


"I really love Thunder Bay because it is a community. People don’t just live alongside each other here like they do in some cities"Holly Freill, Dietician  Read the full story

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