Turn your dream business idea into reality!

Thunder Bay is home to a welcoming, thriving entrepreneurial community with access to plenty of support, learning resources and networking. Turn your vision into reality in one of the most beautiful places in the world while managing that elusive work-life balance!

Grow your business and grow your life. Enjoy this vibrant city and its abundance of natural beauty and recreation choices. Go To Thunder Bay. For Life.

Our community partners are a diverse group of organizations that are dedicated to helping local businesses thrive. These partners are ready and willing to assist you in whatever way they can to support your business. 

Whether you are in need of financial assistance, marketing support, or networking opportunities, our community partners are here to help. Some of our partners include banks, chambers of commerce, business associations, and government agencies. 

By working with our community partners, you can gain access to a wealth of resources and expertise that can help you grow your business and achieve your goals. If you are looking for support for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to our community partners today.

The Anishnawbe Business Professional Association (ABPA) is a non-profit, member-based organization with an office in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The ABPA primarily serves the First Nation business community and develops and expresses positions on business issues and other public issues relevant to First Nation business, on behalf of its members.

PARO’s approach to supporting women is unique in that it meets women where they’re at. Whether it’s your geographic area, or where you are on your business journey, PARO’s programs and services are designed to support you wherever you are!

Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre

Whether you need connections, funding, resources, business expertise, training, or something completely different, the Innovation Centre is there to help you realize your vision. Find out more.

Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce

The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce consists of friendly, welcoming entrepreneurs. This active Chamber offers professional development and networking events, providing many opportunities for new entrepreneurs to connect into the supportive, local business community.

Thunder Bay & District Entrepreneur Centre​

Thunder Bay & District Entrepreneur Centre provides free and confidential services such as consultations, business plan reviews, help with accessing funding sources, free workshops, youth programs and networking opportunities.

Funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, in partnership with FedNor, Thunder Bay Ventures administers the Community Futures Program.  In supporting small business and  economic development, they provided a variety of funding, planning and advisory services.

Your next star employee already lives in Thunder Bay!

Post Secondary Graduates 

Thunder Bay is home to Lakehead University and Confederation College which offer a multitude of recent and upcoming graduates who are looking to take the next step in their adventure and launch their careers.

Buy or Sell a Business in Thunder Bay

Is it time to exist your current Business? Selling is better than closing down. Learn more about how to value your business, structure a business exist strategy and connect with potential buyers. Get confidential advice from professional advisers. Participate in CEDC’s business success matching program.

For more information, download buy or sell a business in Thunder Bay brochure.

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