The following occupations are eligible under the RNIP

*This list is for reference only, official federal occupation classification information can be found here.*

National Occupation Classification - Skill Level A

11 Professional occupations in business and finance

211 Physical science professionals

212 Life science professionals

213 Civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers

214 Other engineers

215 Architects, urban planners and land surveyors

30 Professional occupations in nursing

31 Professional occupations in health (except nursing)

National Occupation Classification - Skill Level B

12  All Administrative and financial supervisors and administrative occupations

22 All Technical occupations related to natural and applied sciences

32 All Technical occupations in health

4212 Social and community service workers

4214 Early childhood educators and assistants

6311 Food service supervisors

6321 Chefs

6322 Cooks

633 Butchers and bakers

634 Specialized occupations in personal and customer services

727 Carpenters and cabinetmakers

728 Masonry and plastering trades

729 Other construction trades

731 Machinery and transportation equipment mechanics (except motor vehicles)

732 Automotive service technicians

733 Other mechanics and related repairers

7251 – Plumbers

9215 Supervisors, Forest Products Processing

92 All occupations in Processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators

National Occupation Classification - Skill Level C

152 Supply chain logistics, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations

34 All assisting occupations in support of health services

4412 Home support workers

6541 Security Guards

655 Customer and information services representatives

744 Other installers, repairers and servicers

7511 Transport truck drivers

7514 – Delivery and courier service drivers

7521 Heavy equipment operators (except crane)

7535 Other automotive mechanical installers and servicers

94 All Occupations in Processing and manufacturing machine operators and related production workers – add

95 All Assemblers in manufacturing

National Occupation Classification - Skill Level D

673 Cleaners

761 Trades helpers and labourers

96 All Labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities

National Occupation Classification - Skill Level 0

01 Specialized middle management occupations

02 Specialized middle management occupations

03 Specialized middle management occupations

06 Middle management occupations in retail and wholesale trade and customer services

07 Middle management occupations in trades, transportation, production and utilities

French Essential Occupations
The Thunder Bay CEDC will prioritize occupations in any NOC category if the position requires the candidates to speak French throughout the course of their main duties. Employers seeking to fille “French essential” or “bilingual essential” positions must meet all other requirements listed above in order to be eligible under the RNIP.

Employer Criteria

To be designated to make offers of employment under the RNIP in Thunder Bay, an employer must:

  • Be located within the Thunder Bay Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)
  • Be a recognized business that has operated in Thunder Bay as defined by the Ministerial Instructions for at least two (2) years OR be a new company that has recently moved to Thunder Bay and set up operations, but has existed as a company elsewhere in Canada for a minimum of three (3) years
  • Not be in violation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations
  • Not be listed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as an ineligible company to participate in immigration programs, nor have been found to have been in material violation of any bylaw of the City of Thunder Bay, or any statute or regulation of Province of Ontario or the government of Canada;
  • Offer full-time, permanent employment in a priority occupation as defined by Thunder Bay CEDC
  • Demonstrate their efforts to recruit a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident prior to providing the job offer
  • Attest that they did not receive any form of payment in exchange for the job offer

Approach to Supporting Newcomer Integration

In order to increase the likelihood of newcomers becoming economically established and settling permanently in Thunder Bay, eligible employers must demonstrate a commitment to a culturally-safe workplace and support for the newcomer’s community integration. Employers must commit to at least three (3) of the following activities:

  • Assign a culturally sensitive on-the-job mentor, who is not their supervisor, to help the newcomer(s) understand company principles, norms, rules and culture; provide regular, detailed feedback to the newcomer(s) on their job performance; and to help with day-to-day questions;
  • Support the newcomer employee(s) with finding and securing housing and/or providing the newcomer employee(s) with housing;
  • Introduce newcomer employee(s) to opportunities to join groups, associations and/or community organizations;
  • Provide financial assistance, where necessary, for newcomer employees’ language and/or skills development;
  • Grant newcomer employee time away from work to attend CEDC or community-sponsored events for which the main objective is to facilitate community integration;
  • Provide diversity training to staff that are in a supervisory role or work directly with a newcomer employee;
  • Provide proof of the employer’s completion and/or attendance at educational seminars, conferences or information sessions related to supporting and/or retaining newcomers;
  • Grant time to newcomer employees who require information or support with enrolling children in schools, applying for health cards, and obtaining a driver’s license and finding accommodations;
  • Offer team-building activities within the workplace that promote cross-cultural understanding and awareness; and/or
  • Make appropriate referrals for newcomers to access community resources and settlement services as the need arises.

To become an approved employer or find out if RNIP is right for your organization and hiring needs, contact Thunder Bay CEDC by completing this form.

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