Employment Opportunities

National Occupation Classification - TEER 0

No current job postings.

National Occupation Classification - TEER 2

62010 Supervisor – Fresh Market Foods (Sioux Lookout)

62020 Food Service SupervisorTim Hortons (Sioux Lookout)

72310 Carpenter/Building Maintenance Technician – ITEC 2000 Equipment & Hydraulics (Thunder Bay)

72310 Carpenters – ServiceMaster (Thunder Bay)

72401 Heavy Duty Mechanic – Fort Garry Industries (Thunder Bay)

72401 Heavy Duty Equipment Technician – ITEC 2000 Equipment & Hydraulics (Thunder Bay)

72410 Trailer/Tractor Mechanic – Gardewine (Thunder Bay)

72410 Truck and Coach Technician – Kenworth Ontario (Thunder Bay)

72410 Service Technicians – Fountain Tire (Thunder Bay)

72410 Service Technicians – Fountain Tire (Dryden)

72410 Truck and Coach Technician – H&Mc.a.r.s. (Sioux Lookout)

72410 Automotive Technician – H&Mc.a.r.s. (Sioux Lookout)

72429 Service Technician – Northern Turf Equipment (Thunder Bay)

72600 Captain: Air Transport – Air Bravo (Thunder Bay)

National Occupation Classification - TEER 5

Other Employment Opportunities:

For a list of job banks non-specific to RNIP, visit gotothunderbay.ca/work or search for jobs using a regional job bank.

If you are able to secure a position with an employer who has not been approved to make job offers under the Pilot, direct them to the Employer Application. Employers can apply at any time.

Become an Approved Employer:

Thunder Bay CEDC is accepting applications from employers located in Thunder Bay and Area who are interested in recruiting new employees or retaining foreign workers they already employ using the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP).

Employers that are approved to offer jobs under the Pilot must meet eligibility criteria and agree to support newcomer settlement. Jobs that are filled using the RNIP must be in priority occupations.

Additionally, candidates selected to fill positions must meet all federal eligibility criteria.

Review employer eligibility and submit an Employer Application to be approved to participate in the RNIP. Questions about using the RNIP as an employer can be directed to immigration@thunderbay.ca.

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