Other Employment Opportunities:

For a list of job banks non-specific to RNIP, visit view our list of job banks.

If you are able to find a position that is also a priority occupation not listed in our RNIP-eligible jobs, please direct the employer to Thunder Bay CEDC to become an approved employer.

Become an Approved Employer:

Thunder Bay CEDC is accepting applications from employers located within Thunder Bay who are interested in recruiting employees under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP).

Employers that are approved to offer jobs under RNIP must meet eligibility criteria and agree to support newcomer settlement. Jobs that are filled using RNIP must be in priority occupations.

Additionally, candidates selected to fill positions must meet both the federal eligibility criteria as well as criteria established for the community recommendation.

To become an approved employer or find out if RNIP is appropriate for your hiring needs, contact Thunder Bay CEDC by completing this form.

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