Thunder Bay CEDC launches a new attraction campaign for remote workers

Thursday, April 22 – The Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission is pleased to announce the launch of a new attraction campaign, Work from Thunder Bay. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about the quality of life in Thunder Bay and influence Canadians who may be considering relocating to smaller, rural cities. The campaign will encourage people to move from large metropolitan areas to work from home, from Thunder Bay.

“Thunder Bay is a connected, modern and forward growing community, and there has never been a better time to live and work here,” said Mayor Bill Mauro. “The pandemic has allowed for many Canadians to work from home, and that means they are not tied to one geographical location. This campaign is timely as we have the opportunity to promote our affordability, quality of life and variety of opportunities Thunder Bay can provide to remote workers who may be considering relocating to smaller, rural communities.”

The Work from Thunder Bay campaign will focus on Thunder Bay’s affordability, connectivity, quality of life, growing urban centers, and our natural assets to position our community as the premier place in Canada to work remotely.

“Thunder Bay is a great place to work remotely, and with office environments changing across Canada now is the perfect time to reach city professionals & workers who may be considering relocation.” said Eric Zakrewski, CEO, Thunder Bay CEDC “By encouraging more people to live and work in Thunder Bay we are driving future growth and stability for our local economy.”

The Thunder Bay CEDC worked with local photographers to obtain a variety of visual assets that highlight Thunder Bay through a local lens. The photographers were selected through a small social media contest. The successful photographers are as follows:

  • Adam Sabaz – @thunderbaylanscapes
  • Carly Dowhos – @lifeasshe.knowsit
  • Laura Heerema – @ Laura Heerema Photography
  • Kyuho Lee – @K.leephoto
  • Michael Hull – @walkermoon
  • Laura Paxton – @flashbackphoto_tbay

To learn more about the campaign visit:

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