Located in the centre of Canada and with close proximity to the United States, Thunder Bay is the regional capital of Northwestern Ontario.  The city sits on the shores of Lake Superior - the world's largest freshwater lake - and is a natural gateway by seaway, road, rail and air to western Canada.

With our multimillion-dollar waterfront, downtown revitalization, new generation of creative entrepreneurs, global transport connections, epic outdoor adventures, mix of global cultures and balanced quality of life, Thunder Bay is one of Canada’s top emerging cities.

Discover a small city that offers big possibilities.

Locate Here

Thunder Bay is home to a multicultural community of professional, skilled and creative people. Here you’ll find a mix of modern city living and the best of nature – all on your doorstep. People come to Thunder Bay for small city affordability, big city opportunities and the bonus of a superior lifestyle. When it comes to location, nature and cost of living, Thunder Bay is one of the best places to live in Canada. Thunder Bay residents have more disposable income – which means more to spend on living and adventuring! 

If you’re looking for a better place to live in Canada, choose Thunder Bay

Grow Here

This city is a place where new ideas and business opportunities grow naturally. Thunder Bay’s entrepreneurial community is creative, independent and forward-thinking. If you want to be part of a growing business community, Thunder Bay CEDC offers free services to assist people who want to start, expand or buy a business. We work with local entrepreneurs, and to attract and retain new business investment. 

Find everything your business needs in Thunder Bay. And everything you need too.

Invest Here

There’s never been a better time to relocate, buy a business or invest in Thunder Bay. We are a connected, industrious and forward growing city that has experienced major economic diversification over the past decade.  Thunder Bay CEDC offers free and confidential services to ensure your business success. We help with property and land selection, talent recruitment, business incentives and local advice. 

Let us connect you into Thunder Bay’s supportive business community

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