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With competitive land costs, construction costs and zero development charges, Thunder Bay is an ideal location for expansion and new construction. The city has a large amount of land zoned for new development, offering commercial, industrial and aviation space at low cost. Our downtown urban cores also offer mixed-use and commercial property suitable for both business start-ups and expansions. We also regularly market development sites to small and medium developers.

Cost of Land

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The cost of land in Thunder Bay is less than half when compared to US cities like Minneapolis.

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Cost of land in Thunder Bay is 68% below average of all cities included in the KPMG Competitive Alternatives Study.


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Construction costs in Thunder Bay are 15% lower when compared to Minneapolis.


Thunder Bay District has 480 active apprentices in the construction sector and 1,379 active journey persons, across all industry sectors.

Development Charges

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With no development charges, and affordable cost of land, Thunder Bay offers prime real estate for development.

Thunder Bay has large amounts of land zoned for new development, offering commercial, industrial and aviation space for businesses in all sectors.

Find Land & Property Listings

If you need new premises for your business, find available land, office space, retail premises and industrial units available for lease or sale in Thunder Bay. A range of incentives are available to businesses looking to relocate to Thunder Bay. Take advantage of the city’s location at the heart of the regional economy. Invest here.

Selling property or land?

Thunder Bay CEDC would be happy to list your property or land, fill out this form to get listed above. 

Employment Land Strategy

Thunder Bay functions as a regional service centre for northwestern Ontario and is a nexus of business and commercial activity. It is one of many Canadian cities that has been transitioning away from its traditional reliance upon natural resources to underpin its economy, towards a more diversified base, led by growth in services employment. The purpose of this report is to provide the City of Thunder Bay with an assessment of the city’s employment lands and economy to support continued prosperity, recognizing the challenges of an evolving employment market.

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