Work in Thunder Bay

There’s a world of employment possibilities to discover outside of the big city. Rewarding professional careers, skilled trades jobs, superior nature and lower property prices are attracting more people from large cities to work in Thunder Bay. 

It’s rare to find a diverse economy with a climate for innovation in smaller cities but Thunder Bay has it! Disruptive SMEs, several universities, world-leading research institutions, an international population and industrial regeneration have transformed Thunder Bay in recent years. Today, Thunder Bay is home to big name manufacturers, local businesses, creative studios and public sector leaders. 

With an average commute time of 10 minutes, a lower cost of living and a growing economy, more workers are finding exciting careers in Thunder Bay. From electricians and plumbers, to accountants and healthcare professionals, well-paying employment opportunities are available in varied sectors.

We Need Healthcare Workers

Healthcare in Thunder Bay is world-class. As the regional hub for health services in Northwestern Ontario, Thunder Bay serves a catchment population of 250,000 in a geographical area the size of France, and is a leading destination for clinical, teaching, research and health system leadership.

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