Thunder Bay CEDC Launches New Economic Development Tool

November 26, 2020 – Today, Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) launched a new website and a promotional video for Thunder Bay. Both will be used as an economic development tool for the City and have come at a time when economic development is needed most.

CEDC began the project in early 2020 after identifying the need for a comprehensive update of the existing GoToThunderBay website. The revamp of was necessary to improve the branding, marketing, and overall effectiveness of information delivery to local, regional, national, and global markets. There was also a need to update the technology and website platform to align with current digital trends and remain competitive when compared to other economic development websites and organizations.

Over the past decade, Thunder Bay has evolved and diversified as a community and as an economy. A new website is a crucial tool in highlighting Thunder Bay’s value proposition. The new website positions Thunder Bay as a modern, balanced, and entrepreneurial city that is the commercial hub of Northwestern Ontario.

“Now more than ever, we recognize the need to grow our city and recruit new professionals and investors to fill job vacancies, open and buy businesses, and start families.” Stated Eric Zakrewski, CEO of Thunder Bay CEDC, “ and the new promotional video will be used to tell the world about the abundance of opportunities our city can offer newcomers.”

An extensive digital marketing strategy will support the web platform as well as a promotional video, which was also debuted at the launch. Local businesses and organizations are encouraged to utilize the platform and video when recruiting or marketing to regional, national, and global markets. Residents are also encouraged to visit and share the new promotion video with their distant contacts and networks.

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